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World Class Wines


Priam Vineyards has won numerous International wine competition medals in the past few years as a winery. Their International Award-Winning wines are produced in the style of Northern France and Germany. They presently produce 15 handcrafted wines which are released at different times throughout the year. Our grapes are hand-picked to avoid bruising and ensure the freshest flavor, which ultimately carries through to wines. Great wines start with a great vineyard and we have always been pleasantly surprised at what Mother Nature brings us.


With our wines being handcrafted, and not large bulk production, there are sometimes slight variations in the vintages from year to year. We suggest that you come in to do a tasting a few months prior to your event, to select and set aside the wines you may want for your special event. We are happy to cellar those for you.


  • Salmon River White

  • Jeremy River White

  • Barrel Select Chardonnay


  • Westchester Red

  • Blackledge Red

  • Salmon River Red

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