We’ve selected some images from our weddings to give you an idea of the beauty of Priam Vineyards. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting many wonderful events, where guests experienced the magnificent property, beautiful sunsets, creative gourmet cuisine, and the contributions of many wonderfully creative vendor partners. Let your imagination go as you picture some of the many possibilities for your special day.




Nik  Alexs Wedding_0722.jpg




Header photo by Alex Christine Photography

Jennifer & Victor

The only way to describe this wedding is “WOW”!!!  Jenny and Victor are so full of life, it couldn’t  have been any different. describing this wedding as spectacular would be an understatement...

Tim & Nick

A June wedding like no other— Tim and Nick left no detail to rest as they crafted the perfect summer celebration...

Sumiko& Max

Sumiko and Max had known each other since they were children. It seems life had a plan for them all along. Their love grew, and they found their way back to each other as adults.​

Ysabel & Lee

Both working hard toward their goals as brilliant doctors, Lee on the East coast in CT, and Ysabel on the West coast in California, they managed to pull all of the details together and create a magnificent day to begin their journey together.

Elizabeth & Ramesh

A day filled with incredible color, beauty, love, and happiness. A blend of cultures that was perfect. Two amazing people from different parts of the world find much love and happiness in each other. Elizabeth and Ramesh are truly bringing more smiles to the world...



Alizah & Michael

This couple warmed our hearts on a brisk October day. Their love for each other, their family, and their friends was contagious every second of their wedding journey.