Although there are many and each wedding is special to us, we've selected a few to give your imagination a chance to play in planning your special day. 


Bride and Groom 4.jpeg

Nikki & Vinny

Diana & Tom

Diana had to travel all the way across the big pond to find her prince in London. Their paths had crossed for years in their work environment. They knew of each other but somehow had never met.

Kacey & Dave

Kacey and Dave were the most relaxed, easy going, couple ever to get married. They were so right for each other, so perfect together, and loved each other so much, the rest was just a matter of fact.

Jessica & Mark

A celebration that was uniquely their own, relaxed, fun and filled with all of the things that bring pleasure to those they love. The pièce de résistance, being the “Trash the Dress” finale, frolicking in grapes and wine to complete their wedding weekend. 

Kim & Scott

They had a great start in all of the fundamental basics needed to work well together, respect each other, have patience and understanding, by building a successful business. Now they will apply all they’ve learned to build their new life. Wishing you all of the success in the world.



Samantha & Karl

Who says Father doesn't know best? Samantha's dad obviously had a special plan in mind when he introduced his daughter to another coworker in their company.

Tekhara & Dennis


Their busy lives pulled them in different directions, until finally pulling them together. It took a long day at the beach to bring it all together, Dennis finally getting the words out on the way home that day.

Alexandra & Matt

Alexandra & Matt are from out of state and had never been to the vineyard. Alex’s parents were customers and lived locally. Alex & Matt loved vineyards and wineries and wanted to have their wedding close to Alex’s family.